Best of the Web for Education

Best of the Web for Education

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Ancient Rome--Unit Links
  Below are some of my favorite sites with great links to sites about Ancient Rome.

For your Bibliography use the Citation Machine.

Citation Machine:  Easily Make Citations MLS Style--Landmark Project

Pearson/Prentice Hall Textbook Support
---ROME UNIT:  Medieval and Early Modern Times
Find More Links in the World History Mega Sites above.

SPECIAL:  I have selected some of my favorite sites about the Aztecs, Maya and Inca.

Pearson/Prentice Hall Textbook Support--Aztecs
Mr. Sabato's Aztec Cyberhunt
The Ancient Aztecs
The Aztecs
Welcome to Mexico--The Aztecs
Ancient Mexico
Test Your Knowledge of the Aztecs--Fling the Teacher Game


Collection of Maya Links

Pearson/Prentice Hall Textbook Support--Incas
Mr. Donn's Incan History
Geographic Incan History Game

The Ice Mummies of the Incas
Searching for Inca Secrets
The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Capture of an Inca King: Francisco Pizarro
Spaniards v. Incas and the Fall of the Inca Empire

Search the General History Sites for more information about the Aztecs  and Inca.

Special Links for China.

Tour the Forbidden City
Tour the Great Wall
Daily Life in China
Ancient Chinese Technology

Extreme Hot Links--Ancient China by Mr. Sabato

Special Links for our Unit on JAPAN


Kids Web Japan -- Designed especially for American students, this Site has information on Japanese culture presented in a fun and lively way.

Wakamatse Tea and Silk Farm Colony -- Learn about the first Japanese Colony in America at Gold Hill,  El Dorado County, California

History of Japan  :  Mr. Kash's World History--Japan Links


Japanese Art – View a slide show of the Asia Society’s collection of Japanese art, including a statue of Prince Shotoku.

Japanese History Slide Show – View Yoko Hatakeyama’s Japanese History 1 slide show.  Murray State University.

Shotoku's Constitution --  View Prince Shotoku’s 17 article constitution.

Haiku –Haiku for teachers and students.

Mr. Donn's Japan – Lessons and activities on Ancient and Feudal Japan.

Creation Myth – Read the creation myth that established the power of the emperor.

Shikibu's Diary – Read the diary of the world’s first female novelist, Murasaki Shikibu.

Tale of Genji – A summary and notes on the characters, culture, and author are presented.

Tale of Genji Images – A summary of the Tale of Genji is accompanied by photographs of the places mentioned in the 1000 page novel.

Meet the Emperor and Empress of Japan  --  Meet Emperor Ahkihito and his wife.  See scenes from their lives.

A Hotlist on Japan  --  This is a nice set of quality sites on Japan.

Hotlist by Topics on Japan  --  A great list of sites organized by topic.

Many Topics About Japan  --  This hotlist links to sites that cover many interesting topic about Japan.

Fun Topics  --  Learn about Japanese names, snacks, after school programs, cartoon characters...

Jananese Culture Hotlist  --  Learn about bowing, bathing, footware, brides....

Konichiwa!  -- Find everything from culture, art, business, nature, and the environment.

Daily Life  --  Learn about Japan from a teacher who visited and took lots of pictures.  Activities!

Origami --  Learn how to do origami with animated instructions at origami-club.

Japanese Clans:  Information on clans:  crests, clan leaders, castles...

Timeline with Emperors:  Find out what happened during the reign of each emperor.

Chart of Feudal Society:  Pyramid chart showing Emperor at the top and merchants at the bottom.

Table of Feudal Society:  Describes each class.

Daimyo Codes:  Codes of many clans presented.

Japanese Movie Listing:  Movies from A-Z.

Articles on Japan:  Summaries of Shogun, Last Samurai, history....

Samurai Warrior Video:  Video on the life of samurai.

Samurai Archives:  Lots of links about Japanese history.

Citation Machine  --  Easily make citatations for your bibliography.

ISBN to Bibliography  --  Input the ISBN number and get a perfect bibliography citation.

Easy Bibliography Make a MS Word ready MLA style bibliography citation with


Renaissance/Reformation/Age of Exploration/Scientific Revolution
Coat of Arms:  Design and print your personal coat of arms.
Renaissance Links:  Links on every Renaissance topic including daily life, clothing, food, literature, art, science and math...
Renaissance--The Elizabethan World:  Find links focusing on the English Renaissance.
Renaissance Links:  Find web links and primary souce documents from
The Renaissance:  Links at are to primary documents, maps, timelines and comprehensive sites.
Renaissance Art Links:  A nice set of links collected by the Babst Library.
Renaissance Music Links:  Renaissance music links from the Carolina Connection.
Virtual Renaissance:  Take a virtual tour of the Renaissance and meet characters who speak about their lives.
Reformation:  Links to web sites and primary source documents from
Age of Exploration:  A great set of general sites and sites about individual explorerers along with project ideas from the Chenowith School District.
Marine Navigation:  View maps, learn to use an octant, learn about longitude and latitude--Seattle Art Museum.
European History:  Jim Lloyd of the Fresno Unified School District has put together a great site with  historical overviews and links for the study of European histroy from the Renaissance to modern times.
Scientific Revolution: does it again with great links and primary sources for the Scientific Revolution.
Renaissance Island:
  Take a tour of Second Life's Renaissance Island

Sistine Chapel:  Great pictures of the Sistine Chapel.


Testbook Support
Social Studies Teachers on Google Docs:   Here is a growing list of the best resources for Social Studies Teachers on Google Docs


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