Best of the Web for Education

Best of the Web for Education

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Latest Additions to Teacher Support:

 Create Your Own Teacher YouTube Channel: CTA Good Teaching Conference Presentation 2017.  On Slideshare.

Creating A YouTube Channel for Teachers:  YT video  TheRealMslorio

Five Tips for Teachers Starting a YouTube Channel:  blog

 The Teachder's Guide To Using YouTube In The Classroom:  orgainzing playlists, making videos interactive...adding quizes

Teacher YouTube Channels

Collections of YouTube Videos for Teachers (Find videos for your Teacher YT Channel)

Web 2.0 Applications
About Web 2.0:  What a teacher needs to know about Web 2.0.
Web 2.0 Directory:  Directory to all Web 2.0 sites

 Smartboard for Beginners:  Nice tutorial.

Learn About Blogs: give a sweet animated explanation of how blogs work.

Learn About Wikis: shows how wikis work using clever animation.
Learn About Social Networking:  Here's how social neworking works, like Facebook or Ning.
NING social networking:  This is a social networking site used by CTAP, CLMS, schools and parent clubs.
Cybersafety:  Procedures and policies presented by CTAP.
How to Build An Inexpensive Smart Board:  Build a smart board for under $100.  See how!
Voice to Website:  Here's how to add voice to a web site using Voicethread.
Prepare Videos for Uploading:  Here's how to prepare videos for uploading to Youtube using Nextvista
College Showcase:  Zinch lets students applying to college create a web profile.
Broadcast to the World:  With Ustream you can broadcast you can broadcast and chat online with a global audience.

Brainstorm Online:   lets you brainstorm collaboratively online creating colorful mind maps.  

Schooltube:  Video sharing for educators.    

Twitter for Teachers:  Twitter colleagues to get lesson plans, classroom management strategies      

Travel to Learn:  Read article about how to get a grant to travel abroad.   Google search the following for the latest individual grant information:  Fulbright-Hayes Group Projects Abroad Program, Fulbright-Hayes Seminars of Education, Fund for Teachers, Heifer International, Kezai Koho National Association for Japan American Societies, Korea Society, National Consortium for Teaching Asia/Freeman Association, National Endowment for the Humanities, Teachers for a Global Classroom/U.S. Dept. of State, Transatlantic Outreach Program/Goethe Institute, Willaimsburg Teacher Institute, Gilda Lehrman Institute of American History, and more summer grants.

 Grants for Study and Travel:

Fund for Teachers:  Over 500 teachers sent to 81 countries annually. 
Korea Society:  Summer Fellowship--travel to Korea.
National Endowment for the Humanities:  Programs for School and College Educators.  Stipends 
Department of State Exchanges:   Educational, cultural and professional exchanges across the world
Fulbright-Hayes Exchange Programs:   Get the latest alerts to opportunities at their Facebook page.
Goethe Institute:   Summer study tour in Germany.  Transatlantic Outreach Program
Kezai Koho:  Study opportunities most summers. 

   Do a search on your own, opportuntities change each year.

Grants for the Classroom:  art, history, math, music, science... 

Teachers Count:  TeachersCount offers services that are tailored to the teaching profession, including up-to-date information about teaching awards and competitions, conference listings and a variety of unique programs designed to aid  teachers.

More New Stuff for Teachers

Social Studies Teaching Made Easier: Top 6 Chromebook Apps

5 under-appreciated Google tools for teaching Social Studies

Great Social Studies Apps and Websites

2017 History–Social Science Adoption

Google Apps for Education:  Rescue School District

Favorite Tech Tools For Social Studies Classes

Kahoot!:  Create games, quizes, surveys...
Teacher Tools:  Find an amazing set of tools ranging from test generators, online posting, .... from
Teacher Tools:  Find templates, calendars, web-hosting.... from Internet4Teachers.
Teacher Tools Plus!:  Arlys Peterson of the University of Sioux Falls has one of the best collection of teacher tools I have seen.
Find chart makers, template for lessons and webquests, puzzle makers, recipes....
Grant Resources: provides a list of grants and other resources for teachers.
Teacher Resources:  Mifflin County School District in Pennsylvania has a great set of teacher resources from clocks to printable awards.  This is an awesome collection!
Teacher Resources:  This is a great set of resources from 
Google Academy:  Teachers--Find out how to get trained by Google at the Google Academy.
Editable Student Web Pages:  Teachers and students build their own webpages to share learning experiences. Simple publishing tools allow members to easily create content and engage one another in thoughtful online discussions at by Oracle.
TeacherTube:  Teacher and students video supporting education.
Photo Story 3 for Windows:  Create slide shows from your digital photos with background music.
Wiki Collaboration:  Create an editible web site in 30 seconds using pbwiki.
Teacher History Blog:  Here's an example of a teacher blog at blogspot .com.
Online Assessment Tools:  Free and for fee online assessment tools including Rubistar Rubrics Generator and Quiz Quizstar--from the Buddy Project.
Education World:  Support for teachers and administrators.  Lesson Plans, Technology, Professional Development.

  I found a tremendous number of links which will offer support to those teachers using Smart-Boards.  Thin links range from activities, lessons, games, and training.

Previously Posted Teacher Support Links:

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