Best of the Web for Education

Best of the Web for Education

About Me

I recently retired from teaching at Edwin Markham Middle School in Placerville, California.  I am currently the Master Teacher Author for the new Pearson myWorld middle school textbook series.  Watch for the myWorld Geography book which is due out the Fall/Winter of 2009, with the myWorld History coming out in 2010.  I am the a past President of the California Council for the Social Studies, Assistant Editor and Middle School Columnist for the Social Studies Review.   I am currently President of Sierra Community Access Television which serves the Western Slope of El Dorado County.  

I have collected these web sites from my own searches and from suggestions from people around the world.  I do my best to find the best of the web for education so I can serve students, teachers and parents across the globe.

 It is a pleasure to serve your education needs.  George Sabato


I am also an artist.  You may wish to check out my artist website.


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